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copywriting khmer rouge nl

After 40 years, only three Khmer Rouge leaders have been convicted for the massacre that took place. A historical overview.

copywriting sihanoukville nl

With Chinese investors building casinos on a massive scale, Cambodia's coastal city Sihanoukville is dubbed "The new Macau".

tarantula spider cambodia

Eating a fried tarantula in Cambodia is in danger of disappearing, thanks to deforestation and over-harvesting of the spiders.

thailand military protest

Although the military junta in Thailand has announced a date for elections, protesters say they have heard this all before and the country could sink into crisis.

mekong river dams sand mining threats

As investments in hydro-power and construction ramp up, ecosystems and communities along Southeast Asia's Mekong river are paying the price.

sam rainsy

Cambodian opposition leader-in-exile, Sam Rainsy, is trying to mount a strong challenge to long-ruling Prime Minister Hun Sen – from and with the help of Europe.

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