At daybreak in the Old World

Storyteller Kris Janssens paints a bittersweet picture of his new homeland Cambodia, where he describes the changing society with a mix of endearment and wonder.

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  • Episode 1 “A Paper Tiger”

    The WWF wants to reintroduce the tiger in Cambodia. But that's easier said than done. Even in so-called protected nature reserves, illegal logging and hunting are going on.

  • Episode 2 “The King of rock ‘n roll”

    If you look really hard, you'll find remnants of the golden rock 'n' roll era, when Cambodia was called “the pearl of Southeast Asia”. In the art city of Battambang, in the northwest, there is a remaining silent witness of the 1960s.

  • Episode 3 “The Colour of Death”

    Sometimes, in Cambodia, the jingling sound of a xylophone wakes you up at an ungodly hour. These soft melody lines act as a sinister harbinger of what’s about to come: the mournful chants of a funeral.