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The Kingdom of Wonder

This miraculous country stole my heart.

Since Cambodia is such an undiscovered pearl, I’ll be happy to be your guide. 
As a reporter I’m familiar with the biggest treasure this country holds: the people.

It’s a rough diamond, much more authentic than Thailand, and with the sweetest people you’ll ever meet.

tourguide four faces

Chak to muk (4 faces)

You're right, Cambodia isn't the most evident travel destination. But that makes it worthwile! Discover beach, mountains, nature, culture, relaxation or exercise.

tourguide detailed plan

Cambodia on demand

I can make you a detailed plan or simply give some advice. You decide which aspect of the country you'd like to explore. Be it as a backpacker, a dandy or anything in between.

tourguide when to go cambodia

When to go?

Avoid the European winter during our dry and cool season (December till March). Or join some of our activities. We have waterfestival in November and Khmer New Year in April.

tourguide cambodja over de grens vietnam

Across the border

In March 2020 I guided a group of blind people through Vietnam. Thanks to my experience as a radio maker, I could give them a picture of what they cannot see with their own eyes.


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The Cambodians wait for you

Cambodia has beautiful temples, but you can only get to know the country if you meet the people.

Whether you like to visit a school, are interested in religion and art or like to experience the (gay) nightlife… you decide what your trip will be like and you decide on the budget.

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