Why Khmer Rouge victims play theater

The Khmer Rouge regime is responsible for at least 2 million victims. But not only the people who died during the Khmer Rouge was ruling Cambodia are victims. Also, the generation after is still suffering from the Khmer Rouge.

To not feel like victims anymore they try to cope with the trauma by playing theater. A Cambodian theater group performs theater plays as a form of therapy. The Khmer Rouge inflicted a lot of traumas on the Cambodian people. Even today’s youth has traumas of the Khmer Rouge. They cannot discuss these traumas with family or friends, but theater therapy helps. The theater group tries to make traumas discussable by performing theater plays.

Metropolis-correspondent Preab Thearith visits the Cambodian Sangtorn. He talked with his mother about the traumas of the Khmer Rouge. Now he wants to share her story with the Cambodian youth. He does this as an actor. By telling the story of Khmer Rouge victims that survived, he hopes to make the traumas of the Cambodian people discussable. The audience understands the history better thanks to the theater play.

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